Speaking at Newcastle Startup Week ONLINE (18-22 May 2020)

As you will know by now, Coronavirus means I have had to reschedule our annual 5-day Newcastle Startup Week festival from May to 21-25 September when (hopefully) things will be back to normal.

In the meantime, I am still planning to produce & share a range of exclusive video interviews, panel discussions, webinars, podcasts & blogs every day during the original dates of 18-22 May via our private ‘Startup Week Community’ Facebook Group.

This is being imaginatively marketed & promoted as ‘Newcastle Startup Week ONLINE (18-22 May)’.

How this will work

Anyone who already has a ticket for our main event in September (which was May) is now being invited to join our private Facebook Group. We are also selling lower price tickets to anyone that just wants to access the content between 18-22 May but they will only be allowed to stay in the Facebook Group until the end of May unless they also then purchase a higher value ticket which lets them stay until the end of September.

To access this content & be a member of the Facebook Group, people must first purchase either an ‘Online / Livestream ONLY’ ticket for just £5 (+ booking fees), or one of the tickets for our September event which range from £50-£150 (+ booking fees) via Eventbrite or our Tickets page at http://newcastlestartupweek.com/tickets/

Once their ticket has been bought they can then request to join the ‘Startup Week Community’ Facebook Group.

As a Speaker / Partner, you can obviously join the private Facebook Group too so to do this, please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/2352985308268687/ & then click/tap ‘+ Join Group’.

Contributing to Newcastle Startup Week ONLINE (18-22 May)

The Newcastle Startup Week ONLINE content will follow the same themes as our physical event:

  • Monday = INSPIRATION
  • Wednesday = FUNDING & FINANCE
  • Thursday = GROWING & SCALING

As a Speaker / Partner, I’d love you to do one (or more) of the following:

  • Send me a pre-recorded video of you giving a 20-30 min keynote / presentation (to be shared in the Facebook Group on the relevant day during 18-22 May)
  • Send me a pre-recorded video of you ‘in conversation with’ your colleagues or clients (to be shared in the FB Group on the relevant day during 18-22 May)
  • (If you already have something really great that can be repurposed for a new audience, just send me that to share instead of creating something brand new)
  • Do a pre-recorded video interview with me via Zoom (to be shared in the FB Group on the relevant day during 18-22 May)

Then, on relevant days it would be great if you (or one of your colleagues if you have one) could be inside the ‘Startup Week Community’ Facebook Group’ so you can reply to comments below the relevant content that is being shared.

The online format means we can be really creative & experimental with the content & format so no idea is a bad one & I’m up for trying anything!

Finally, any help marketing & promoting the event in advance via your social media channels &/or email newsletter would be greatly appreciated too. A short little video message encouraging people to attend, even if you’re not taking part yourself, would be awesome!

I hope this all makes sense but let me know if you have any questions or you still want to hop on a quick call or FaceTime / Skype / Zoom chat.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Paul (Lancaster)
Founder & Event Producer
Newcastle Startup Week
+44 7734 722716