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Since 2017, we’ve run 3 x 5-day Newcastle Startup Week festivals, 1 x 1-day Newcastle Scaleup Summit event, 20 x monthly Founders’ Friday events & 2 x 5-day Startup Week ONLINE events for a combined total of almost 3,000 people!

After the first COVID lockdown in 2020, we launched our online ‘Startup Week Community’ as a way to provide ongoing advice & support for anyone looking to start or grow a business, learn how to be more entrepreneurial or get closer to startups & small business owners in the UK (primarily the North East of England).

The Community is run through a private Facebook Group where each day (Monday-Friday), content & conversation is centred on the following 5 themes:

  1. Monday = INSPIRATION
  2. Tuesday = GETTING STARTED
  3. Wednesday = FUNDING & FINANCE
  4. Thursday = GROWING & SCALING
  5. Friday = KEEP GOING OR PIVOT?

When you become a Member of the Startup Week Community you will be given access to the private Facebook Group for 12 months & invited to book a 30-40min 1-2-1 welcome call / business consultation with us via Zoom.

To join now for just £150 for 12 months, please click / tap on the button below:

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What’s in it for you?

1. Be inspired, keep motivated & stay informed

Starting a new business can be tough but is much easier when you’re surrounded by like-minded people who are all starting or growing a business too, have been there & done it already, or who want to help you succeed.

Our private Facebook Group is full of people who are thinking about starting a business, have recently started, are in their first 12-18 months or are there because they have lots of great experience, advice & sometimes funding that they want to share with new business owners.

Every day between Monday-Friday, we share inspirational, useful & practical content along the same 5 themes as our physical events:

  • Monday = INSPIRATION
  • Wednesday = FUNDING & FINANCE
  • Thursday = GROWING & SCALING

Our monthly Founders’ Friday events also take place inside the private Facebook Group on the last Friday of every month & these include ‘Insights Briefings’ (information on the latest opportunities to start or grow a business), ‘Show & Tell’ (talks / presentations from new business owners about their products or services), ‘Masterclasses’ (deep dives into topics like sales, marketing, business development, leadership & personal development) & Q&A interviews.

2. Get 1-2-1 business advice & support

When you join our online ‘Startup Week Community’ you will be invited to join our private Facebook Group & book a 30-40min 1-2-1 Welcome Chat / Business Consultation with Paul Lancaster (Founder & Director, Newcastle Startup Week) via Zoom.

Paul is an award-winning Inbound Marketing & Community Engagement expert with over 15yrs experience of helping people start or grow their business so can either help you directly or signpost you to the best people, products, services or support you need for your business.

Inside the private Facebook Group, you can also ask for help or answers to your questions 24/7 & someone will always reply to help you move forward in your business.

We also host monthly 1hr Zoom chats (usually on the first Thursday of each month) where Members of our Startup Week Community can ask any questions about how to start or grow their business.

3. Find new customers / clients / partners

Our Startup Week Community is all about helping people start AND grow their business so we actively encourage Members to collaborate with & buy products / services from each other.

Our Members include a wide range of business owners from different sectors selling both products & services.

By being an active & supportive Member of our private Facebook Group, you will naturally attract new business or referrals from others.

4. Raise your profile & amplify your reach

We are always looking for new business owners to give talks or presentations about their products or services, run ‘Masterclasses’ or take part in QA& interviews with us for our monthly Founders’ Friday events.

These are initially shared inside our private Facebook Group as part of the Founders’ Friday events that take place on the last Friday of each month, then shared more widely on our YouTube Channel & across Social Media.

We’ll also do a short Q&A interview with you / your business which will be featured on our Newcastle Startup Week blog & shared through all our Social Media channels.

This is a fantastic way to raise your profile as an individual, promote your business, build your audience & amplify your reach through our 30,000+ Social Media followers.

In return, we ask all our speakers to become a Member of our online ‘Startup Week Community’ (or Sponsor us if they want even more exposure & hands-on advice & marketing support from us).

5. Save money for yourself / your business

We often share special offers, deals & discounts on products or services that are relevant to people starting, running or growing a business inside our private Facebook Group.

We also sometimes do random free prize giveaways which our donated by our Sponsors or Partners as perks for being a Member.

Members will also be given Priority Access to TRYBES – our new data-driven signposting & matchmaking platform for entrepreneurs that will speed up the process from idea to exit (& all stages in between) which we are aiming to launch in 2021.

Sound good?

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