Newcastle Startup Week

15-19 May 2017

A citywide, multi-venue festival of entrepreneurship and innovation that will help you go from business idea to launch in just 5 days.

Why Newcastle?

From the world’s first lightbulb to business software and smart data, the ‘test bed city’ of Newcastle upon Tyne, England has been inventing the future for hundreds of years.

It’s also a stunningly beautiful city with wonderfully warm and friendly people, a high quality yet low cost of living, five universities nearby, great transport links and a thriving digital / creative sector.

If you have a business idea but don’t know how to start, have already launched but need advice on how to keep going, or want to know how to grow, our 5-day, citywide festival is for you!

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Newcastle Startup Week

North East England: #InventingTheFuture

Follow the route from where Joseph Swan demonstrated the world's first electric lightbulb along Mosely Street (the first to be lit by electric lightbulb) to Campus North, the modern day home of ideas and invention.

What does your future look like?