5 Star Focus Programme

Ok so 2020 sucked for pretty much everyone. But how is 2021 going to be better for you?

Hoping & wishing isn’t enough. You need to think AND act positively with real focus, clarity & intention!

After making huge changes in my personal & professional life in January 2020, I ended the year feeling happier, healthier, fitter (physically, mentally & emotionally) & creatively fulfilled by getting clear on what it is that I REALLY want in life & then pursuing it every day. Everything else is a distraction.

After launching my annual 5-day Newcastle Startup Week festival in 2017 (which I’ve run every year since), I’ve been living my professional & personal life according to the same 5 themes from 1st December 2018 onwards.

  1. Monday = INSPIRATION
  2. Tuesday = GETTING STARTED
  3. Wednesday = FUNDING & FINANCE
  4. Thursday = GROWING & SCALING

This has worked so well for me I now want to help other people see the benefits of following the same 5 themes by working directly with them on a 1-2-1 basis over 5 days.

I’m not a life or leadership coach but am an award-winning PRACTITIONER. Someone with proven experience & expertise in building & managing communities online & offline, personal online branding, inbound marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, social media, business development, networking, PR & events for startups, micro businesses, established SMEs, scaleups & large organisations which I have been doing for the past 15yrs.

Who am I?

  • An award-winning SuperConnector of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs & investors
  • Founder, Event Producer & Host of the physical 5-day Newcastle Startup Week festivals, 1-day Newcastle Scaleup Summit & monthly Founders’ Friday events
  • Creator of the online Startup Week Community (where the 5-day Startup Week ONLINE events took place in May & September 2020 & where the monthly Founders’ Friday events now take place)
  • Owner of two businesses – Plan Digital (Inbound Marketing & Community Engagement Consultancy) & TRYBES (A data-driven signposting & matchmaking platform for entrepreneurs & investors)
  • Host of the ‘SuperConnector Show’ podcast (on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Spreaker, etc)
  • Co-author of the ‘Small Business Marketing for Dummies’ book published by Wiley
  • Winner of the ‘PROFILE’ category at the North East Times Impact Awards 2019
  • Winner of the ‘Collaborator of the Year’ award at Dynamo North East’s Dynamites Awards in 2016 & 2017
  • A Spiritual Stoic!
  • A 43yr old skateboarder
  • A former semi-pro dance music DJ/producer, label owner & club promoter
  • A father to two amazing kids (my son is 11 & daughter is 8)
  • An ex-husband (I separated amicably from my wife of 12yrs in February 2020)

I’ve also worked in the private, public & third sectors either as an employee or consultant for companies & organisations including Sage, British Airways, Shell, Generator, Project North East, Tech North (now part of Tech Nation), Newcastle City Council / North of Tyne CA, property developers & more.

So, if you’re REALLY serious about making some major changes to the way you operate because your old ways aren’t working, then I’m inviting you to join my new 5 Star Focus Programme (keep reading below)…

Paul Lancaster

How does this work?

Since January 2021 I’ve been working with up to 5 people (max) every month on whatever it is they need to help them move forward & take their idea, business or event to the next level.

Over the course of 5 days (Monday-Friday), we start with a 1-2-1 Zoom call where we discuss the theme for the day, challenges they are facing & ways they can overcome them both on their own & with my direct help & hands-on support.

Ideas & tasks for each day are added to a Trello board (online To Do List tool) that I create which we can both access & collaborate on. I then work alongside each person to put specific ideas into action & get things done.

Everyone who takes part also gains access to my private online ‘Startup Week Community’ for 12 months which is usually £150 per person. (Existing Members of the Startup Week Community can do the 5 Star Focus Programme for a discounted rate which is explained below).

Who are you?

You already are (or would like to become) at least one of the following:

  • An existing or potential entrepreneur / new business owner
  • An intrapreneur (someone in a job that wants to start their own business or just be more innovative)
  • A business (or political) leader who wants to be more innovative / entrepreneurial
  • A creative that needs to learn how to be more business-savvy
  • A business owner who has lost their mojo & wants to feel motivated & inspired again
  • A business owner who wants to get more organised with better systems & processes
  • A business owner that is great at what they do but wants to get better at online marketing
  • Someone who is committed to learning & personal development
  • Someone who is open to new ideas & doesn’t think they already know it all
  • Someone who wants to raise their profile & grow their personal online brand
  • Someone who is going through a major change in their personal life & needs some friendly support
  • Someone who has had enough of wishing, watching or waiting & wants to start doing!

One of the best & worst things about being self-employed is you don’t have a boss telling you what to do. However, just like the edges of a canvas help an artist do a better painting, I’ve learned that self-employed business owners, freelancers & creatives still need structure & focus in order to achieve their goals.

(I am limiting this to one person per sector / industry type per cohort to avoid competition so if you want to be the only person in your field to take part, sign up below before your competitors do)!

When does this take place?

I usually do my 5 Star Focus Programme on the 2nd week of each month (subject to public holidays) but the next available dates are:

  • 10-14 May 2021
  • 14-18 June 2021

(Please note you only need to take part in one of the weeks listed above but can do more than one if you like).

How much does this cost?

My 5 Star Focus Programme costs just £500 per person & can be booked directly here or you can email me at paul@newcastlestartupweek.com or call me on +44(0)7734 722716 if you have any questions. (Members of the Startup Week Community can do it for the reduced price of £425 by asking for a different booking form link).

Join now

If £500 is too much for you but you would still like a 1-2-1 business consultation with me & daily inspiration, advice & support, you can join my online Startup Week Community for just £150 a year.

And if you really don’t have any money right now to spend on your personal development, you can still learn (albeit at a much slower pace) by Subscribing to my weekly blogs (just enter your email in the top right of this page), Subscribing to my YouTube Channel & Following me on Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram.

Whatever you decide to do, let’s make 2021 a truly epic year together!

Paul Lancaster
aka @lordlancaster
Founder & Director
Newcastle Startup Week
+44(0)7734 722716

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