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Only 5% of B&B sales teams consider social media a successful lead generation tool’. In an age where sales calls have a bad reputation, what can entrepreneurs do to successfully generate leads? This is exactly what our Sponsor, MostSensational, specialises in. We had a chat with MostSensational’s Founder Karen Weech, who will be speaking on day 4 of Newcastle Startup Week, to learn more about her business and lead generation.

1. Hi Karen. Can you tell us about your business and how it helps entrepreneurs?

We’re MostSensational: a marketing consultancy based in Newcastle. We connect fast growth SMEs & blue chips to organisations they’d like to work with. We’re proud of our track record and continue to make a big difference to our client’s businesses because of our strategic approach, focused efforts and not taking no for an answer.

Our story: We’ve done things a little differently. Working with global brands first in NYC for 6 years then London, I started the business working with London based SME clients & global brands.  Proud to now be based in the North East, our stake in the ground is to be the number one premium connector for fast growth SMEs, particularly companies that want to disrupt their sector!  

We’ve worked with Blue chips like British Gas, Nectar, IHG all the way through to fast growth SMEs like Michels & Taylor, ON Event, etc.  With some clients we’ve generated over £2M in new business revenue to date. 

The biggest pain we solve is getting our clients in front of the right customer at the right time when a relationship is ripe for the taking. 

We offer qualified meetings/opportunities with key decision makers, we guarantee results & offer expertise to represent a client’s business as much or as little as they require.

2. What do you qualify as a ‘lead’?

We support our clients to connect with the right organisation & customers at the right time in order the help grow their business & reach their true potential. 

We qualify a lead as a company or individual where an opportunity exists to partner or work together, or explore opportunities together.  A lead is a decision maker and carries sway in their organisation. A “lead” will ultimately result in business but sometimes leads can take a while to fertilise & convert to business.   

3. As stated in your blog, only 5% of B2B sales teams consider social media a successful lead generation method. What advice do you have for entrepreneurs looking to generate leads?

Work with MostSensational – just kidding but it will help!

  • As part of your strategic plan you should be clear how much you want to grow (revenue) & by when. 
  • Be clear on your target audience: which sectors to focus on & why, also be clear what roles within an organisation are most relevant to you.
  • Get very clear as to why you’re different from the competition – what makes you stand out?
  • Do your homework on the companies you’d like to work with & create an irresistible offer.
  • Learn to say no! be clear who you are most relevant to & don’t try to be all things to all people.
  • Connect with leads via platforms that are relevant to them & this can vary from one person to the next (Skype, Linked In, messenger, email, events, text, DO NOT rely on phone calls only).
  • Have a continuity plan for lead generation, it should not be a one off campaign but rather a constant drip feed operation across the year.

4. How do you determine the quality of a lead? For example, what are the signs that a contact is unlikely to convert into a sale?

The quality of a lead is based on a range of criteria but very importantly they must be a decision maker.  Don’t waste time with middle men.  The best policy is always to target the highest decision maker within an organisation because you can always benefit from a referral downstream which is a lot more fruitful then trying to get referrals upstream. 

Get an answer as quickly as you can, & embrace a “no”. A no means not right now but understanding why it’s a no means you can create strategies to convert to a yes in the future or move on.  Not getting an answer either way is “no mans land” & can waste a lot of yours & their time.  Avoid at all costs generic pitches as leads can smell it a mile off & will be turned off. 

5. MostSensational has experience supporting clients globally. What communications advice do you have for entrepreneurs looking to approach international contacts?

We’ve worked with clients around the globe. It is very important to research the country/traditions that your client or leads might follow. 

Be aware of time zone differences when reaching out to leads & setting up meetings/calls. Use translators/google translate where needed.

As with all leads whether UK based or international, do your research properly to make sure you’ve identified the opportunity correctly, as you only have one chance often to get it right.

Before embarking on an international campaign, get clear if this the right time for your business to explore opportunities internationally & whether you have the infrastructure in place to be able to deliver.  With the right timing, infrastructure and approach, you can generate significant returns. We worked with an alternative payment solution & pitched to global payment gateways, betting companies & gaming companies.  We used Zoom & Skype a lot for these opportunities and one deal we secured, generated £250,000!  

6. Which common sales pitch mistakes have you come across and how can entrepreneurs overcome these?

Sending out generic pitches is a BIG NO NO. Not having a clear value proposition means you never really stand out & consequently don’t generate the right opportunities. 

Another mistake is giving up too quickly – on average it takes 8 contacts to get through to a decision maker, most people give up after the 3rd or 4th attempt. 

The third one would be not recording all new business activity in a robust platform like a Pipedrive, Salesforce or Hubspot, which means you’re less likely to have a strong long term pipeline.

Dedicating sufficient time for new business either yourself or a dedicated person to focus on it’s critical to get it right and should be a long term focus for the business not a token gesture or afterthought. 

7. How can organisations get in touch with you?

Visit our website at mostsensational.com or call +442071932554 or email me at karen@mostsensational.com,

Want to learn more about generating and securing leads for your business? MostSensational will be speaking at our Scaleup Summit on Day 4. Don’t forget to book your ticket today to attend.

Can’t wait until then? You can visit the MostSensational website, or follow them on Linkedin.

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