Sponsor Spotlight: Northumbrian Water

Water companies have a huge role to play in improving our environment and addressing the big environmental and social issues. North East water provider Northumbrian Water Group (NWG), who kindly sponsor our ‘Day 2′ afterparty, proactively pursue these challenges through innovation, inviting startups and SMEs to join the debate and boost the economy. We sat … More Sponsor Spotlight: Northumbrian Water

Sponsor Spotlight: NELEP

We need to spread an entrepreneurial epidemic! The NELEP helps drives business growth through encouraging startup and scaleup support in the North East. In this Sponsor Spotlight, Colin Bell, Business Growth Director at the NELEP, discusses his suggestions for spreading an entrepreneurial epidemic in the region to encourage business growth. Colin will also be speaking … More Sponsor Spotlight: NELEP

Sponsor Spotlight: SEAO Talent Partners

Strategy, End-To-End Recruitment, Assessment Centres & Outplacement. These are the four key services our ‘Day 1’ Afterparty sponsor SEAO Talent Partners can provide. Recruitment is crucial for entrepreneurs as first hires play key roles in driving the business forward and boosting growth. Wrong hires can cost companies time and money, which not all entrepreneurs can … More Sponsor Spotlight: SEAO Talent Partners

Sponsor Spotlight: Barclays Eagle Labs

Starting a business can feel very lonely. Working within entrepreneurial communities with like-minded individuals can help improve well-being and productivity. That’s why we are proud to be sponsored by ‘Eagle Labs’, a UK co-working initiative from Barclays. Barclays’ Eagle Labs initiative was set up to support the UK’s entrepreneurial community and drive digital skills development. … More Sponsor Spotlight: Barclays Eagle Labs

Sponsor Spotlight: Sunderland Software City

We love the North East! In particular, we love the start-up ecosystem which consists of passionate people and organisations who are working hard every day to support existing or aspiring entrepreneurs with big ideas. One of these hardworking organisations is Sunderland Software City, who provide fully funded start-up support to technology businesses across the region. Sunderland Software City have been there with us from the start and we are excited to announce that they are now officially a Premium Sponsor of Newcastle Startup Week 2019! … More Sponsor Spotlight: Sunderland Software City