[Free Guide] ‘The Little Book of Big Scams’ by NERSOU (North East Regional Special Operations Unit)

Cybercrime & online fraud was already a big problem in the UK but since the Coronavirus crisis there has unfortunately been an increase in Coronavirus-related scams & criminal activity online & offline.

After contacting us via LinkedIn because of our access to new & established businesses across the North East of England, we are very happy to help NERSOU (North East Regional Special Operations Unit) in their efforts to inform & protect people against serious & organised crime.

Download a free .PDF of ‘The Little Book of Big Scams’ by clicking / tapping on the image below:

D/Sgt Paddy O’Keefe (Regional Development Officer – Fraud) says: “Newcastle Startup Week is a fantastic platform which encourages & supports the growth of businesses & the North East economy. As many of you adopt their #StartSomethingNew mantra, we want to ensure you are prepared for some of the risks that you may face. Across the country, businesses are targeted by fraudsters & the Police we are working hard to make sure that people like yourselves in our region are equipped with the tools they need to keep their data & finances safe.”

“This is even more important given the current climate, where we have seen a number of Coronavirus-related scams crop up. Fraud can have a devastating impact on small to medium enterprises & ruin people’s livelihoods. As well as pursuing these brazen criminals it’s also our job to make sure people know how to spot a scam & feel empowered enough to challenge these shameless criminals. I hope the information contained in ‘The Little Book of Big Scams’ will help to empower local businesses in the fight against fraud and alongside Paul & the team I wish you every success moving forwards”

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