Please note:

When you buy a ticket, you’ll receive a wristband on arrival which gives you access to all our morning, afternoon & evening events taking place between 11am on Monday 13 May & 4pm on Friday 17 May.

  • Your 5-day wristband will be available for collection from 11am on Monday 13th May at The Boiler Shop behind Newcastle Central Station – the venue for our Day 1 (‘Inspiration’) event.
  • We don’t sell 1 day tickets as it’s too difficult to monitor & restrict which days people attend & many of our delegates decide to attend more events than they originally planned once the event is underway.
  • If you can’t / don’t want to attend our Day 1 (‘Inspiration’) event at The Boiler Shop, you can collect your wristband at any of the other venues being used throughout the week (see map below).
  • Even if you just want to attend ‘Newcastle Scaleup Summit’ (Day 4) you must still buy the same ticket above. You then have the option of joining us at any other event (we highly recommend Day 1).
  • Once your wristband has been collected, you are welcome to share it with your colleagues, clients / partners, family or friends for any events you can’t attend.