Thanks for joining our online Startup Week Community! We created it as a way to help more people start & grow their business, not only by working with us directly but with other Members too.

Here are 8 ways you can start benefiting from your Membership immediately::

  1. To start accessing all our online content & monthly events, go to our private Startup Week Community Facebook Group at & then click / tap ‘+ Join Group’. (We’ll then add you to the Group as soon as we see the notification)
  2. Introduce yourself to the other Members of the Facebook Group by posting a comment in the Announcement at the top of the page
  3. Book your free 1-2-1 welcome call / business consultation with Paul Lancaster by going here
  4. If you have any questions, need advice or signposting to anything that will help you start or grow your business, start a new Post in our Facebook Group
  5. If you haven’t already done so, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel (it’s free to do this) by clicking / tapping here & then watch some of the videos in our ‘Business Growth Advice’ playlist. (We recommend watching these videos too)
  6. If you haven’t already done so, Follow us on Twitter @nclstartupweek & @foundersfriday where we share information on starting & growing a business on an almost daily basis
  7. Put yourself forward to do a 15-20min video / presentation about your business, what you offer & why you started for one of our Founders’ Friday events which always take place on the last Friday of every month. (If you’d like to do this, please email
  8. Subscribe to our blog so you get a short email alert every time we publish a new post. Do this by going to

Take part in our monthly events

As well as our monthly Founders’ Friday events, we also run these informal networking / drop-in sessions for our Members inside the Startup Week Community Facebook Group:

  • MONDAY MEETUP – On the first Monday of every month between 7pm-8pm, these take place within a ‘Room’ (Facebook’s version of a group Zoom chat)
  • THURSDAY THINK – On the first Thursday of every month between 8.30am-9.30am, these take within a ‘Room’ (Facebook’s version of a group Zoom chat)

To join, just go into the Facebook Group at the time above & then you can ‘Join the Room’.

Need more in-depth 1-2-1 advice?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by how much you have to do or want to do this year & not making much progress, you might want to do our ‘5 Star Focus Programme’ which we run on the second week of each month for up to 5 people (max). It’s normally £500 per person but as a Member you can do this for the reduced price of £425 by emailing

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