Founders’ Friday

Since July 2018, we’ve been running our Founders’ Friday events every month as a way for self-employed freelancers, startup founders, micro business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs & students to hear about the latest opportunities to start or grow a business in the North East of England.

(It’s also one of the best ways for business advisers, professional services, funders, investors & members of the public sector to share what they do & get closer to startups & small business owners in the region).

Founders’ Friday at Tuspark Barclays Eagle Lab

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we started running our Founders’ Friday events online inside our private Facebook Group.

To attend or even give a talk / presentation at any of our future Founders’ Friday events, you first need to join our Community which is just £75 for an individual ‘Lifetime Membership’ or £60 per person if you buy a ‘Group Membership’ of 5 or more (see below for more details).

Got a new business, product, service, programme, event or award to promote?

We’re always looking for speakers to give a Show & Tell about their business / organisation, take part in a Q&A interview or deliver a Masterclass on a topic that startups or small businesses would find interesting & useful.

How we do this:

  • Pre-recorded videos of talks / presentations are initially just shared inside our private Facebook Group for Members of our Startup Week Community to see first.
  • The videos are then uploaded to our Newcastle Startup Week YouTube Channel & embedded into a handy ‘Event Recap’ blog (like the ones you can see here)
  • The blog & videos are then shared across all our social media accounts (30,000+ followers) & featured in our email newsletter the following week (just under 3,000 subscribers) so it’s a great way to raise your profile, amplify your reach & promote what you do to our audience!

If you’d like to speak at one of our Founders’ Friday events, please join our Startup Week Community first (which is just £75 for an individual ‘Lifetime Membership’) & then email

(Businesses / organisations also have the option of getting ‘Group Membership’ at the reduced price of just £60 per person if they buy 5 or more (i.e. £300). This not only gives them access to our private Facebook Group & the opportunity to speak at Founders’ Friday but also the ability to self-publish blogs / articles on our website whenever they like. If you’re interested in this option, please email me at

ps Pau’s short video below explains more about what we’re offering with Founders’ Friday & why…

Founders' Friday

pps Whether you become a Member of our Startup Week Community or not, you might like to Follow us on Twitter @FoundersFriday & @nclstartupweek