Blu Sky create ‘Start-up Club’ for new businesses!

Not already working with an accountant or looking for one that understands startups (& scaleups) better?

Blu Sky Chartered Accountants have been one of the biggest champions & supporters of startups in the North East of England for the past 10yrs & have sponsored our Newcastle Startup Week events since 2017 so it’s no surprise they’ve created their excellent ‘Start-up Club‘ which gives new businesses in their first 12 months of being incorporated as a Limited Company all the essential accounting & payroll services they need for just £150 (+ VAT) per month! (Find out more at

Join the Blu Sky Start-up Club

ps Because they’ve been such great supporters of startups & because they sponsored (& gave brilliant talks at) our Newcastle Startup Week events, we’ve been paying clients of theirs since 2018 & can’t recommend them highly enough for the solid advice & expertise they’ve given us over the years! 

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