[WEBINAR] ‘Keep Going or Pivot?’ with the Fabric Academy (Friday 23rd July 2021)

At a time where nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, a question we all ask ourselves is should we ‘Keep Going or Pivot?’

Founder of Newcastle Startup Week, Plan Digital & TRYBES, Paul Lancaster, is an expert when it comes to innovating, strategic planning & pivoting when times get tough.

For almost 20 years, he’s helped businesses start, grow & scale, supporting them through change.

He also knows a thing or two about marketing strategy (he even co-wrote a book on it – ‘Small Business Marketing For Dummies‘)!

In this FREE webinar co-hosted with the Fabric Academy, Paul will be sharing how to approach the question, ‘Keep Going or Pivot?’ when it comes to marketing in a time of change.

He’ll also be sharing how he has kept innovating & adapting over the past 5yrs (& especially over the past 18 months).

The webinar will cover things like:

  • How to approach the ‘Keep Going or Pivot?’ question
  • How to pivot effectively
  • Leveraging your network during hard times
  • Making space for new ideas
  • + much more

Want to watch it?

Book your FREE place for Friday 23rd July, 12pm-1pm (UK time) here.

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