Rebel Business School aims to create positive change for startups in Newcastle & Gateshead with free training in June

Residents in Newcastle & Gateshead are being offered the chance to receive free startup training & support by Rebel Business School, a Queen’s Enterprise Award-winning organisation dedicated to teaching how to start a business without getting into debt.

Take part in the Rebel Business School in Newcastle & Gateshead

Rebel Business School is coming to Newcastle & Gateshead at the end of June 2021 with a mission to show budding entrepreneurs how to start a business without the burden of debt. Their online courses are free to residents in Newcastle & Gateshead & focus on giving attendees from all backgrounds & starting points, the opportunity, knowledge & confidence to turn their business ideas into reality, while on a shoestring budget.

Entrepreneurs from the region are backing Rebel School’s campaign including; Sarah Pittendrigh (Entrepreneur, Life & Business Coach), James Ogilvie (Co-founder & Director of Social Co.), Michelle Crewe (House of Crewe), Sally Minns (CEO & Stylist at Good Day Studio) & Craig Smith (Founder & Director of The Printed Bag Shop) & Bec Todd (E-Commerce & Digital Advertising Expert) – all of whom have built successful businesses from scratch & are keen to inspire & support anyone looking to start their own business.

Globally, Rebel Business School has helped people out of work, seeking self-employment, those who have suddenly found their career taking a different direction, or those ‘5 to 9’ entrepreneurs who run a business in the evenings after work, along with many others in different circumstances who didn’t think they could start a business & needed some encouragement.

Simon Paine, Rebel Business School’s co-founder & CEO, explains “When you think of rebels, you may think of people who break the rules. The rules we follow are those based upon exploring new ideas & creating positive change for startups. Through Rebel Business School, attendees can expect a completely different approach to starting a business.”

“We believe you don’t always need money, experience or a university degree to start a business. You just need an idea, some passion & a bit of help. Many of those attending will leave with a business idea & a first sale during the course. Those who don’t will still take away business skills, practical advice & confidence in their business idea. We like to say: ‘This is the best business course money can’t buy because the course is 100% free’.”

Places on Rebel Business School’s online workshops deliver a mix of practical sessions, one-to-one coaching, workshop sessions & local peer support that startup founders can attend from home. In addition, the courses also introduce & talk about a range of work-focused skills to help people improve their job prospects.

Simon continues, “There are tremendous opportunities out there that exist for startups & this isn’t just about pandemic recovery; the world is changing so fast. The world of work is changing, jobs are disappearing & the economic & emotional wellbeing of millions of people is in jeopardy. It has never been more important to empower people to start a business & now presents a time for new opportunities. Promoting opportunity & showing that anyone can set up a business is everything Rebel Business School stands for.”

Cementing their position as UK leaders in inclusive enterprise, Rebel Business School is aimed at anyone & everyone, regardless of starting point or background. These courses are sponsored by local authorities through EU funding in order to give the very best advice & support for free. Rebel Business School will be hosting two free online workshops in the North East: one for residents in Newcastle & one for residents in Gateshead.

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About Rebel Business School

Rebel Business School was founded by Simon Paine & Alan Donegan in 2010 & teaches some of society’s most disadvantaged members to startup their own enterprises on shoestring budgets. 

In April 2021, Rebel Business School earned a Queen’s Enterprise Award for ‘Promoting Opportunity’ with their mission to change the way entrepreneurship is taught around the world.

Last year, its free-to-attend courses reached over 3500 people globally, 2400 of which were in the UK. Approximately a third of those attending were unemployed & over 40% were on government benefits. Despite the humble beginnings of many of the courses’ participants, over 800 people launched their companies during or straight after a Rebel Business School event in 2020, with 646 people making their first sale during the course.

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