3 years’ worth of innovation took place in just 3 months due to COVID-19 (but UK small businesses risk falling behind)

The ‘Skills for Success‘ report published by Be the Business & The Open University (below) reveals that although 3 years’ worth of innovation took place in just 3 months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, that of those businesses that adopt technology, most (53%) are unsuccessful.

The report also shows that despite a large uptake in video conferencing & collaboration tools during the pandemic as companies were forced to work remotely, there is a considerable lack of understanding amongst business leaders of the benefits & value that technology can bring in terms of productivity, efficiency & profitability.

In particular, the smaller businesses are least likely to use or understand the benefits of using technology (for example, 62% of large firms use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool (like HubSpot) versus only 26% of small firms.

Most worryingly, older leaders of smaller businesses appear to place very little value or importance in not only technology but in the training & development of their workforce. One quarter of business leaders surveyed (25%) spend no money on training or learning with a higher proportion in the over 55s age bracket & in businesses with less than 49 employees. However, three quarters of business leaders aged 18-34 (73%) have a training budget set aside. (The value of training appears to be much higher to a leader the more recently they have undertaken some).

There is also a disconnect between the type of training & development that business leaders prefer to what is currently available from training providers & this combined with a lack of awareness & understanding of how technology & digital skills can help is holding UK business back.

SMEs & micro businesses account for 99.7% of the total business population in the UK & with technology a key driver of productivity, the national economic opportunity from an increase in successful adoption is huge. This report seeks to answer the key questions around digital adoption, skills development & what more needs to be done to stimulate economic growth & raise firm-level productivity.

Download the report here or by clicking / tapping on the image below:

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Paul Lancaster (Founder, Newcastle Startup Week) was invited to become a ‘Business Ambassador’ for Be the Business in June 2021, helping to drive conversation around productivity in the North East of England.

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