‘100 Motivational Tips For Your Best Year Ever’ by Brad Burton

Brad Burton, the UK’s No.1 motivational speaker, bestselling author, living legend & all round top bloke, was opening Keynote Speaker at Newcastle Startup Week 2017, 2018 & 2019 & Startup Week ONLINE 2020.

Here are Brad’s ‘100 Motivational Tips For Your Best Year Ever’…

1. You have what it takes.
2. Stop spending your life trying to be for everyone.
3. STOP. You’ll tie yourself in knots. Just be you. Always.
4. Own your stardom. Be your own management team. Be you.
5. Use any hardship to get stronger.
6. Show your vulnerability.
7. Don’t make life way more complicated than it actually is.
8. Being a Better version of you will take some work.
9. Sausage fingers + iPhone + autocorrect = LOL.
10. Build up your own reputation. Rely on self.
11. When the goal seems too big break it down into manageable steps.
12. You can do or say what you want, just make sure you can back up.
13. Being left feeling frustrated, irritated, or resentful eats away at your mental and physical health.
14. Doing the right thing doesn’t always make you feel good.
15. If you don’t know where you are heading, slow down. Why rush?
16. When you feel shit. Don’t fight it. Feel shit.
17. Be Kind to yourself. You are human.
18. Never make your goal money. Make your goal the things you want to do with the money.
19. Don’t you even try to negatively predict or run down the future. Because you have no fucking idea.
20. You can. You will get through this.
21. We are all making it up as we go along. Even me.
22. Do what you are good at, not what you are bad at.
23. No one is going to support you, unless you support yourself first.
24. Hold your ground. Help is on the way.
25. Be the right kind of crazy.
26. Style it out, then work it out.
27. Live every day to the full, knowing that one day it will be your last.
28. Turn up the volume of your positive self-talk, and turn down the volume on negativity.
29. Stop telling yourself you can’t win
30. It ain’t ‘saving money’, it’s costing you.
31. Being ‘Professional’ means nothing if you ain’t getting paid.
32. Get yourself an education.
33. Think back, to when it became real for you.
34. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!!! Not really. Sounds all very dramatic and ‘inspirational’ though. Just take action and continue to do so.
35. Women look better with make up. Dynamo doesn’t actually walk on water. Marketing makes things easier to sell.
36. You have to have an almost misguided self belief that you’re the man, before you can be the man.
37. You won’t remember how much you saved but you will remember what a shit job is.
38. Wasting money is part of life. It’s the only way you can learn how not to waste money.
39. I remember when you used to have to wear a wig and false nose and glasses to shop in Aldi, you can’t find a space in the carpark for all the Range Rovers now. Things change.
40. To build a big reputation, you have to start with a small one.
41. The best year of your life? What specifically happened that year, which makes you think back so fondly?
42. Clever advertising doesn’t always mean lots of sales.
43. Without sales, a business fails. Facebook Likes don’t pay the mortgage. LOL.
44. Doing the right thing may take some personal sacrifice.
45. Personal relationships and favours will only take you so far
46. Give opportunity not money.
47. Two year olds make you look like a terrible parent to people who have never had two year olds.
48. What would people say about you when you are not around?
49. Don’t be ‘that’ person.
50. How many motivational speakers does it take to change a lightbulb? One but the lightbulb has got to want to change.
51. Any success has to come from you.
52. Life is too short to put up with knob heads
53. What goes on tour, goes on Facebook?
55. Banana skins, even if you can see them, sometimes you have to let friends slip on them.
56. When the finest things in life becomes normal. You just lost the magic.
57. If you are not prepared to invest in your brand, don’t get upset when others don’t want to invest in your brand either.
58. Luck is not a strategy that you can always rely on.
59. Everything intensifies as the clock ticks down. Give yourself deadlines.
60. Having an ‘addictive personality’ isn’t an excuse to be a dick
61. If you have ever been referred to as “a bit of a character” you’ve just been politely called a dick.
62. Haters, their dream is to ruin yours.
63. You could be Tupac back from the grave and get booed by a Metallica audience.
64. It’s all good. Relax.
65. I hate legal documents
66. Everyone has doubts about who they are.
67. Any little fuck up is magnified when you’re under pressure, so get yourself some distance from things when it is beginning to feel like this.
68. Fuck the script that says you have to “work on the tools all your life”
69. Don’t read the “you have to stay in shitty relationships” memo
70. Too much money makes you lazy and stupid.
71. You’ll run a whole lot faster if a police officer is chasing you.
72. You can easily live on less money than you think.
73. The crutches we each use to “help us, get by” will become the very things that hinder us and slow us down if you keep using them.
74. Is your goal really YOUR goal?
75. You’ll always want to be at the place you’re not. Its messed up.
76. Stop being such an adult. Get playful in your life. Again.
77. Cheap iPhone leads are the world’s most expensive string.
78. What can you do today, with what you already have?
79. You never know how ground-breaking some decisions were until they are in your rear-view mirror.
80. Trust is probably the best marketing tool you have.
81. Move your plan, from short to medium & then long term.
82. Don’t get it perfect, just get it going.
83. Dreading Monday? You’re in the wrong job/business. Change it.
84. You have one life. Don’t waste it travelling somewhere you don’t want to go
85. Enjoy the good fight, enjoy the struggle. Honestly. You’ll miss them one day. Honestly.
86. Invest 100% of your time being 100% you.
87. Just do it. By the time, you wait for permission, someone else will have done it.
88. No Passion. No point.
89. Experience is what you win, when you lose.
90. In order for things to change, things need to change.
91. Remember, YOU are the boss. Success or failure, that’s down to you.
92. Sometimes you have no option other than to give up on people, but never give up on yourself.
93. The difference between success and failure, isn’t quitting.
94. Beat them by being better. Silence them by not quitting.
95. Be the best you can be.
96. Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different life, make different choices.
97. Be careful of the things YOU take for granted.
98. At some point you got to go either 100% in, or 100% out.
99. You can’t save everyone. I’ve tried.
100. Help Many. Hurt few. Live life.

If you are waiting for a sign to make this your year. This is it.
Make the best of YOUR LIFE.


Brad Burton (www.BradBurton.Biz)
The UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker

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