[VIDEO] The Importance of Protecting Yourself & Your Business with Nick Green (Partner, Fatgreen Insurance)

In this video, Nick Green (Partner, Fatgreen Insurance) explains the importance of & reasons why, business owners should consider getting Key Person Protection, Business Loan Protection, Relevant Life Protection & / or Shareholder Protection before it’s too late!

He also talks about his experience of running an Executive Search company in Asia, his wife Anny’s experience of being an Investment Banker & CFO of a high-tech company in Asia & America, why they started their new(ish) Business Protection business in Yorkshire, the origins of the name Fatgreen Consulting & his rousing words about a potential economic boom as we emerge from the COVID lockdown!

If you’d like to know more about the range of Business Protection Solutions available & / or book a free telephone or Zoom consultation from Nick, visit www.fatgreen.co.uk

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