Newcastle-based Changfa Capital launches VUCA board platform to connect businesses with international investors

Newcastle-based Changfa Capital is launching a digital share-matching platform soon called ‘VUCA board’ that will provide businesses with investment opportunities across international capital markets.

Aimed at growth-focused, pre-IPO businesses, VUCA board can be used to find investors from Changfa Capital’s Chinese & international investor network. For the investors, VUCA board acts as an integrated order listing & settlement platform that provides them with key investment insights into a range of privately-listed companies.

The VUCA board share-matching platform

Why is this important?

Many of Changfa Capital’s existing unlisted company database already operate globally across a variety of sectors. However, as investors continue to seek new business opportunities & businesses require early-stage funding & capital for expansion, VUCA board will make it easier to connect these two entities whilst providing access to the global financial hub of Shanghai.

Interested in using VUCA board?

If you’re a business or investor who is interested in using VUCA board as soon as it launches, please contact the Changfa Capital team via their website at

Who are Changfa Capital?

Changfa Capital offers investors equity financing opportunities in next generation businesses & access to capital across global investment hubs, including mainland China. They create value by unlocking secondary market liquidity & access to investors without the cost of an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Liren Bian (UK Director, Changfa Capital) said: “We are delighted to launch our unique share-matching service here in the UK. Our decision to set up here in the UK sits at the cornerstone of Changfa Capital’s international offering & growth strategy. In an increasingly interconnected world, Changfa Capital’s technology platform will provide a gateway to the global capital market at the click of a button.”

Liren Bian (UK Director, Changfa Capital) & Honorary Chairman MBE, Shanxiong Wu

What makes Changfa Capital different from other businesses in this sector?

Liren said: “We create value by unlocking secondary market liquidity & access to investors without having to incur the cost of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) – something that is a significant barrier to many burgeoning businesses. Changfa is also different from our UK competitors, who often only work domestically, in that we have strong connections to the next ‘engine’ of the world economy, the Shanghai Financial District. Our connections to Shanghai allow us to facilitate cross-border investment. We help UK-based customers find Chinese companies to invest in &/or find Chinese investment for their businesses. We also do the same for our customers in China who are looking for UK businesses to invest in or who are seeking capital investment from other countries, including the UK.”

Liren Bian and Changfa Shanghai President Jun Lu
Liren Bian (left) & Changfa Shanghai President Jun Lu

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