[VIDEO] Knowing your numbers with Andy Thomas (Director & Accountant, Abacus Jack)

In this video, Andy Thomas (Director & Accountant, Abacus Jack) & Paul Lancaster discuss the importance of cashflow in helping you understand not only the current position of your business but also so you can plan ahead & make good decisions.

They also talk about the benefits of using cloud products like FreeAgent, Float & Fathom & Andy shares some advice & insights from his time working for a wide range of organisations of different size & type including the Royal Navy, CitiGroup, Barclays, Sage, Atom Bank & DigitalBridge before starting his own business in 2016.

If you’d like some affordable advice & support from someone who really understands the needs of startups & small businesses in the UK, see what Andy & his team offer at www.abacusjack.co.uk

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