Founders’ Friday (26th February 2021) – Event Recap

Since July 2018, we’ve been running our real-life Founders’ Friday events on the last day of each month as a way for self-employed freelancers, startup founders, micro business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs & students to come together in a fun, friendly & informal way to learn about the latest opportunities to start or grow a business in the North East of England.

(It’s also one of the best ways for business advisers, investors, funders & members of the public sector to get closer to pre-start & early stage business owners in the region).

Until COVID restrictions allow us to run physical events again, our Founders’ Friday events now take place inside our private Facebook Group. To watch them as they happen & to join the conversations with other Members of our Startup Week Community any day of the week, you first need to join our Community.

In the meantime, here are some of the talks, presentations & interviews from our event on 26th February:

Want to speak at Founders’ Friday?

Our Founders’ Friday events take place on the last Friday of every month & we are always looking for guest speakers to share insights on the latest opportunities to start or grow a business in the North East of England, to give a Show & Tell about their new business, product or service, to take part in a Q&A interview or deliver a Masterclass on a topic that startups or small businesses would find interesting & useful.

We give priority to Members of the Startup Week Community so if you’d like to speak at one of our future Founders’ Friday events, you should join our Startup Week Community first (just £15 per month or £150 a year).

Alternatively, you might like to sponsor / advertise with us which will give you Membership of the Startup Week Community, the opportunity to speak at Founders’ Friday & more marketing & promotion of your product, service, programme, event or fund through our digital channels. (See how on our ‘Advertise with us‘ page).

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