Need help with your PR? Check out Harvey & Hugo’s new ‘online shopping’ site for services

Darlington-based PR firm Harvey & Hugo has taken the contract-free Pay-as-Hugo element of its offering to the next level by creating a standalone e-commerce website to allow clients to browse and order from a range of packages online rom as little as £30 (+ VAT).

Charlotte Nichols (Managing Director, Harvey & Hugo) said: “While online shopping has been big business for a while, 2020 really highlighted the benefits – and I felt the time was right for our PR services to get on board.

The ‘snacksize’ servings of the firm’s PR, social media and content marketing services can all be purchased individually, allowing clients to create a bespoke package containing as much or as little as they need.

“With so much uncertainty, we know that many companies are looking for more flexibility than ever before and our new Pay-as-Hugo website provides just that.

“Clients can browse our range of PR and marketing ‘snacks’ from the comfort of their own homes or offices, before adding the items they need to their basket and checking out – just like any other online store.

“It makes buying PR and marketing services as easy as ordering a takeaway, and the entire menu is available to browse and buy online – even more important at the moment while social distancing is still in force.”

Charlotte Nichols (Harvey & Hugo)
Charlotte Nichols (Managing Director, Harvey & Hugo)

Responding to COVID

In March 2020, as the UK went into lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the ten-strong Harvey & Hugo team moved to home-working, Charlotte found she had more time to work on the new project.  

She said: “I’ve been working intensely on the idea since March and I’ve put my heart and soul into it – we’ve always prided ourselves on keeping up with all the latest innovations, and I’ve not seen anything like this online before.

“Without commuting and travelling to meetings, lockdown gave me the opportunity to do something I’d never had time to do; it was a lot of work repackaging all our PR, social media and content marketing services. 

“While 2020 hit us hard initially, we have since seen a surge in demand, especially for our video and flexible Pay-as-Hugo services. 

“Over the next year, we have some exciting changes on the cards, with new software planned for Summer to improve efficiencies both internally and for our clients, and the business is a strong position for any challenges it may face in 2021.

“Our plan is to innovate our way out of the downturn, continually offering new services and ways of working as we all adapt to the new normal.”

Hungry for more?

For more information about their range of services which start from as little as £30 (+ VAT) visit and then register for your free account to start browsing their marketplace.

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