3 new reasons to join our online Startup Week Community

With physical business networking & events unlikely to happen again until the end of this year, it can be hard to find the motivation, inspiration, referrals & support you need to keep going (& thriving)!

This is why we’ve introduced 3 new ways for our Members to connect with each other inside our private Facebook Group.

In addition to our daily posts & conversations which follow the same 5 themes as our Newcastle Startup Week events, Members can now:

  1. Book a 30min-1hr 1-2-1 business consultation on any aspect of starting or growing their business or organisation with us
  2. Join our new ‘MONDAY MEETUP’ drop-in sessions that take place on the first Monday of every month between 7pm-8pm in a ‘Room’ inside our Facebook Group (a bit like Zoom more informal)
  3. Join our new ‘THURSDAY THINK’ drop-in sessions that take place on the first Thursday of every month between 8.30am-9.30am in a ‘Room’ inside our Facebook Group (a bit like Zoom but more informal)

Unlike in other Facebook Groups, Members can also post updates about their business or ask questions that will always be responded to (by us) with links to relevant resources or with a post that tags fellow Members in to reply.

So, if you’re feeling disconnected, demotivated, isolated or just looking for an extra boost to keep on track this year, join our Startup Week Community today!

At the time of writing we currently have 181 awesome Members of our private Facebook Group but I’d love to see more startup founders & established micro business owners in there too!

Paul Lancaster
Newcastle Startup Week | Founders’ Friday | TRYBES | Plan Digital

ps If you want more in-depth, 1-2-1 business advice & support from me, check out my new ‘5 Star Focus Programme‘ which runs on the 2nd week of every month!

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