How to use Trello to get (& stay) organised

In my opinion, starting & running your own business is one of the most exciting, rewarding & fulfilling things you can do. It can also sometimes feel a little overwhelming when you think of all the many things you need to do to survive & thrive in business, especially if you work on your own.

Although I still like writing ‘To Do Lists’ in a notepad, I put tasks into a tool called Trello which is a really handy way for me to keep track of everything I need to do & very satisfying when I mark things off as complete.

The example screenshots below give you an idea of how I use Trello. Each column is known as a List in which you can have as many Cards as you like. You can also call them whatever you like but I always have Lists called Backlog, In Progress & Complete so everything starts in Backlog & then can be dragged over from left to right as they progress before being Archived.

Example Trello board
Example Trello List

There is a paid version (called Trello Gold) but I personally just use the free version so if you’d like to create your own free Trello account (which will also give both you & me 1 month free of Trello Gold perks) you can sign up at

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