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Since going self-employed in 2016, one of the best things I’ve done is use online tools that integrate with each other so that regular processes can be automated saving me many hours of time & effort.

The most important of these tools is HubSpot which I use to collect contact details for all my new or potential customers, clients & partners into a single CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system which allows me to segment them into different lists & send bulk or individual emails out to.

With HubSpot I can:

  • Manually add new contacts directly into the CRM
  • Pull contacts through automatically when someone books a ticket for an event on Eventbrite (this needs to be connected via another tool called Zapier)
  • Pull contacts through automatically when someone signs up to my weekly newsletter, fills out a survey or registers their interest in a new product or service
  • Collect contacts via landing pages & data capture forms
  • Collect contacts via Facebook or LinkedIn ads
  • Collect contacts via pop-up forms on my websites
  • Scan business cards via the HubSpot mobile app which are automatically added to the CRM (see how in the short demo video below)

I didn’t appreciate how important a fully-integrated CRM was until I started using HubSpot so if you’re not using one yet (or even if you are & want to see how HubSpot compares), you can get HubSpot CRM completely free of charge at & only pay something if you decide to add the Marketing Tools on top (primarily email marketing & list management)!

Want some further help or advice?

Not only do I use HubSpot myself but I’m also what is known as a ‘HubSpot Solutions Provider’ which means I can advise you on which HubSpot tools might be right for you & how to set things up, have access to a range of handy tools & resources & also have direct access to the HubSpot team if you have more complex requirements.

For a no obligation chat about HubSpot or for help getting you set up with their free tools, please fill out the short registration form below:

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