[VIDEO] Tony Robinson OBE & Taryn Lee Johnston on ‘The Happipreneur: Why #MicroBizMatters’

In this video originally shared on Day 1 (‘Inspiration’) of our Newcastle Startup Week ONLINE event in September 2020, Tony Robinson OBE & Taryn Lee Johnston talk to Paul Lancaster about their brilliant book ‘The Happipreneur: Why #MicroBizMatters (A Memoir & Guide for Enterprising People)‘.

Both authors agree that no-one can afford to wait for the revolution any more than they can afford to wait for a vaccine. Johnston explained: “As business owners, Tony, myself & all our readers have to just get on with it. It is always a rollercoaster & we expect the unexpected. We hope our guide helps them to avoid the snakes & climb the ladders. Tony’s story of what he has learned from his own businesses & working with many famous entrepreneurs is important for others to know. It is about how to live an enterprising & happy life. We answer the questions ‘How to become a Happipreneur?’ & ‘Why #MicroBizMatters?’. We call out the fakes & the scammers & provide a blueprint for the Establishment on why & how they can level the playing field.”

The Happipreneur‘ is a fascinating insight into the life of a man who has dedicated the last 30yrs to improving the way MicroBiz owners are treated but is also a no-nonsense guide to avoiding the pitfalls small business owners face. Read the reviews on Amazon & buy your copy here.

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