The END for Newcastle Startup Week?

After running 3 amazing 5-day Newcastle Startup Week festivals in 2017, 2018 & 2019, I came into 2020 thinking this year might be our last!

Unfortunately, COVID meant that we couldn’t run a physical event as planned but we still managed to run a brilliant online version for 300+ people in May (videos of which you can now see on our YouTube Channel).

We’re running another Startup Week ONLINE event next week (21-25 September) with some incredible speakers including acclaimed actor & producer Craig Conway talking about ‘Nurturing world-class creative talent in the North East through the D15 centre’, what creativity is & why it’s so important. (See who else is speaking here).

Screenshot of Paul Lancaster & Craig Conway‘s interview

One More Time

Right now, I don’t think there’ll be another 5-day Newcastle Startup Week festival in 2021. (I’ll do something awesome but it won’t be the same format)…

So, if you want to experience what’s likely to be the last Newcastle Startup Week event, book your ticket here (or by clicking / tapping below):

Book your ticket for Startup Week 2020

The END (Energy Never Dies)…

Paul Lancaster
Founder & Director
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