You’re not late for anything…

On Day 1 of Startup Week 2019, Michael Owen (Designer, Always Wear Red) gave a brilliant talk titled ‘You’re not late for anything’ which is based on the idea there are lots of people doing stuff they don’t really want to do because they feel they’ve missed the opportunity to change…but they haven’t!

If this sounds like you (or someone you know), it’s time to stop, make that change & ‘turn to face the strange’…

David Bowie - Changes (Live, 1973)

Creativity + Confidence

When Michael launched his luxury menswear brand Always Wear Red in 2016, the strapline was ‘Confidence is a Colour’ with the idea being that if you wear bold red clothing that looks & feels amazing, you will feel amazing too & in turn this will give you even more confidence to pursue your dreams & fulfil your potential.

As a proud owner of two Always Wear Red beanie hats & one flat cap I can tell you this works & no matter what anyone else thinks, I don’t care. I wear them for me!

Since getting to know Michael (better) over the past few years, his ideas have evolved into an even deeper understanding of the connection between creativity & confidence which is explored in our (rather amusing) podcast interview below:

Listen to Episode 2 of the SuperConnector podcast featuring Michael Owen (Always Wear Red)


After 3.5yrs, it’s time to change again as Always Wear Red starts to narrow its’ focus away from the finest hats, socks, scarves, ties & handkerchiefs towards world-class hand knit jumpers that will launch in Autumn 2019.

This means that all existing products (like the ones below) immediately become Limited Edition, never to be made again, with 30-40% off from the ‘ARCHIVE

ps The Newcastle Startup Week wristbands were red for a reason this year! :o)

Paul (Lancaster)

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