“What did I get out of Newcastle Startup Week 2017?” by Lynsey Walton (Walton HR & Just Killin’ Time)

We think our 5-day Newcastle Startup Week festival is pretty special, has the potential to change lives for the better and provides people with the inspiration and opportunity to bring their ideas to life in a truly supportive, collaborative environment.

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what Lynsey Walton (Walton HR & Just Killin’ Time) has to say about last year’s event…

Lynsey Walton (Walton HR & Just Killin' Time)

“Are you sponsored by Newcastle Startup Week?” “Why do you love Startup Week so much Lynsey?” “No, I haven’t bought my ticket yet!”

These are a few of the comments I seem to be hearing a lot recently from friends and fellow entrepreneurs. So I thought I’d clear things up for anyone who comes into contact with me in the coming weeks because we WILL end up discussing Newcastle Startup Week and NO I’m not sorry!

Firstly, I am in no way sponsored by or paid to promote Newcastle Startup Week. I bought my ticket and attended last year just the same as everyone else. However, the inspiration and practical steps covered through the course of the week have led to me, a year later, leaving the crutch of employment to dedicate all of my time to my 1st business (and it’s paying the bills now!) and starting up a 2nd business too!

Knowing this it’s no wonder I have found myself acting as an unofficial promoter for this life-changing festival of entrepreneurship and innovation. There really is something in there for everyone, whether you already have a business idea and are just looking for the practical advice to make it a reality or (as was the case with my new business) you didn’t think you could do it and needed the push to try.

If anyone saw my video diary from last year’s festival, you will probably have spotted the cogs turning in my brain and steam coming out of my ears as I was determined to make the most of the experience.┬áSo what did I actually get out of Newcastle Startup Week 2017?


I’m not ashamed to admit I was not looking forward to this day. If you mention motivational speakers or show me an inspirational quote, my stock response is to roll my eyes so hard I can see my own brain. I’m a cynic. So there I sat, fully prepared to be underwhelmed but focusing on trying to keep an open mind.

How wrong can one person be? Speaker after speaker took to the stage and I was presented with REAL stories of people taking a chance, making a difference and most importantly failing and then getting back on track. Was that my cynical ice heart melting? I really think it was. I left The Boiler Shop on Day 1 feeling empowered and excited about the future…maybe I could make a real go of this?

A New Network

As orchestrated by the ‘SuperConnector’ himself (Paul Lancaster), Newcastle Startup Week provided me with opportunities to meet a whole new group of people that I still have the pleasure of working with to this day. I was introduced to the great team at Campus North and many other startups from across the region who were in the same position as me. It has been this network that took me from a part-time enterprise to dedicating all of my time to my business and reaping the rewards. This team of entrepreneurial cheerleaders thrive on the success of everyone and it’s infectious!

Practical Advice

Startup Week 2017 was crammed with useful and practical advice that I have used in both of my businesses. My new business venture took me into a completely new marketplace as up until this point I was a service provider but my new idea involved the creation of a product. While it was an absolute passion project for my business partner and I, there were times when we were unsure about how to approach things. I found myself digging out my Startup Week notes and using this as the basis for moving forward, while also deciding to pivot my existing business model and grow.

Now I find myself with a thriving personal branding / HR consultancy business and as the co-founder of the world’s first true crime monthly subscription box – Just Killin’ Time. Both of which can be directly plotted back to people I met and ideas that were nurtured at Newcastle StartUp Week 2017.

So I have to ask…have you got your ticket yet?

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