Learn how to work like Google, LinkedIn & Twitter at Newcastle Startup Week

On Day 4 (‘Growing & Scaling’) of Newcastle Startup Week 2018, we’re excited to have David Anderson (Business Strategy Coach, Auxin Services) giving an introductory talk on the OKR (Objective and Key Results) methodology.

David Anderson (Business Strategy Coach)

What is it?

OKR is a framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes at a company, team and personal level which was created at Intel and is now used by several highly successful tech companies to attain exceptional success including including Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.

The approach is used to turn business strategy into measurable goals and focus employees, teams and the entire organisation on the work that delivers the greatest business impact. It is a method of seeing how everyone in the organisation is contributing to overall company success and ensure everyone is working together towards the same ultimate goal. This helps to build a culture of transparency and shared achievement and by allowing everyone to see each others contributions towards your organisation’s success.

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If you’d like to discuss how David and his team can provide more in-depth OKR training and get your organisation using the framework, please email him or call 07976 331986.

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