Arriving at Newcastle Startup Week (15-19 May 2017)

On arrival at Newcastle Startup Week, ticket holders will be given a wristband which gives them the option of attending all our day and night events, or just the ones they feel are most relevant to them.

Day 1 (aka ‘Inspiration Day’) on Monday 15th May is very much our ‘big’ event as the spectacular BOILER SHOP venue we are using comfortably holds 500+ people. As such, we’d love you all to attend this if possible for a celebration of North East success stories of the past, present and future and to hear our incredible speakers which include Brad Burton and Amber Rae who are travelling all the way from Somerset and New York!

(Registration for ticketholders will be open between 12.30pm-1pm before the main event begins at 1pm prompt).

Days 2, 3, 4 and 5 are more niche and will appeal to people at different stages in their business journey with Tuesday (aka ‘Getting Started’ day) and Wednesday (aka ‘Funding & Finance’ day) aimed more at pre-starts and early stage startups, whilst Thursday (aka ‘Growing & Scaling’ day) and Friday (aka ‘Keep Going or Pivot?’ day) will appeal to both startups and more established businesses alike.

(There will be registration desks at each of our venues so you can collect your wristband there if it’s the first day you are joining us).

Although we appreciate not everyone can attend all events, our schedule has been designed to take you on a journey and give you in 5 days what it would normally take you 5 months or even 5 years to learn on your own in the ‘real world’ so we’d love you to join us at as many events as possible.

Don’t forget we also have some fantastic afterparties and networking events taking place each evening so even if you can’t join us during the day, we’d love to see you at night where we are also planning to have wristbands for delegates to collect if they’re joining us for the first time. Most evening events will have at least 1 free drink on arrival for delegates / wristband holders.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please ensure you have bought your ticket before Monday 15th May at to gain entry to our events.

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